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Is your Job in jeopardy due to a DUI Charge?


Imhoff & Associates, offers free Drunk Driving Case Consulations for anyone interested in hiring a Private Defense Attorney

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DUI and Drunk Driving Charges

DUI charges are the most common criminal charges filed against individuals.  Even for a first offense, the penalties can be serious-including license suspension, fines of almost $2,000, mandatory attendance at State or DMV Approved alcohol programs, and potential jail time. In addition, a DUI conviction stays on your DMV record for at least 10 years (California), and may result in higher insurance premiums. Furthermore, you may become ineligible for credit, and even lose your employment. If you have prior convictions, stopped for speeding, or had an accident while driving under the influence, the penalties may be far worse.

DUI and Drunk Driving is a serious criminal offense, which can cause injury to the driver, others and/or property. The Criminal Penalties are long term and severe. Courts, prosecutors and law enforcement officials ‘through the book at” good people who “made a big mistake.”  Make sure you have someone looking after you interests.

Imhoff & Associates can help you deal with your DUI or Drunk Driving Charges. We can negotiate on your behalf or fight false charges in court.

Contact Imhoff & Associates for a free Drunk Driving Criminal Case Consultation.

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